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** Please Email Us at in order to begin the exchange process **

If you are returning items for an exchange, please be sure you have tried them on while not wearing any perfumes, lotions, deodorant or makeup

-as to leave them mark/odor/stain free, and salable. As a small boutique company, when garments are returned with this in mind,

it allows us more time with you, our awesome customers! Thank you kindly for your consideration :)

Lynx stands behind each and every product that we develop. As long as the garment is in new condition, we will replace or exchange your product for any reason within the first 30 days only -no exceptions past 30 days. We will not exchange items with main labels removed, that are damaged as a result of improper care, or that have been worn (especially after a run, a workout, or a washing). Items that are sent back to us in unsalable condition, are not replaceable, exchangeable, or refundable*

Customers are responsible for all costs associated with return shipments. You can choose any shipping method for your return shipment; however C.O.D. deliveries cannot be accepted. We advise customers that the least expensive way to return items is via USPS First-Class Mail.

Return Items To:

Lynx Sportswear

PO Box 4743

Highland Park, NJ


For Exchanges, Items Must Be Returned With The Following:

* Hangtags attached with original safety pin, and in their original packaging, even if clear plastic bag is torn.

* A copy of your invoice with a note written on invoice, indicating the size, color, and style you would like in return.

* OR, if you need help figuring out the next best size, instead of sending a copy of your invoice, just send the Exchanges & Returns insert (that is included with every order) with your responses written next to each of the Fit Questions (see example below). Just be sure to write your order number (not ID#) at the top right corner area of the page, and send it along with your return shipment. (To request an Exchanges & Returns insert, just send your request to:

* Once we receive, and accept, and process your return shipment, we’ll contact you via email (2-10 business days).

If it's more convenient for you, we can also email a shipping label for you to use to send back your item/s. It’s easy! Just go to our website at: and purchase a Gift Certificate in the amount of the shipping label you are purchasing [ $7.50 for returns of up to two items/ $9.00 for returns of three items or more ]. Then, in the Comments section type shipping label for order number (your 4 digit order # here)” and we'll email it to you right away! (10-5/Mon-Fri*)

Was the fit too small, too big, or not giving you enough support? We’re happy to help with an exchange :) Just answer the Fit Questions below and use your answers to help guide you through our Lynx Bra Size Chart to find that smaller or bigger rib cage size, and or bust size that you need for that next best fit! Or, if you need help figuring out the next best size, write your responses to the fit questions below, and send them back with your return shipment. We’ll be able to tell whether a different size/style will give you the support you need, and contact you via email once we receive, accept, and process your return shipment (2-10 days). If you tried on more than one size or style, be sure to base your responses for each separately (1-11). We’ve got lots of experience helping women find great fitting sports bras! The more specific your answers, the better it’ll help us (help you!).

Fit Questions:

1. Which of the three “channels" did you slide the hook into to close the bra; the first loosest fitting hook, middle hook, or was it on the third tightest fitting hook? (If you tried on a Ladder Back, you can skip this question)

2. Did you like the band fit?

3. Was the band lying flat across your ribcage, or was it lying on your breast tissue?

4. Did the back of the bra feel too big, or did it feel snug?

5. Did you like the cup fit?

6. Were your breasts fully contained in the bra, or did they spill out the top, sides, or bottom?

7. Or, did you feel there was extra room in the "cups" or not enough room?

7a. By how much, a little or a lot?

8. Were you able to take a full breath without any discomfort?

9. How did the shoulder straps feel? Were they comfortable?

10. While test fitting at home, did you have any breast movement when you jumped up and down, or ran around the house?

11. Is there anything else that you'd like me to know about the fit?

Recheck Your Measurements! We have found that most exchanges occur when measurements initially provided were not as accurate as they could have been. It is really important to us that you get the best possible fit, and knowing your true bra size and having your most accurate ribcage and full bust measurements in inches, is the best way to help you get the support you need.

The Best Way To Find Your Lynx Size:

1. Ribcage - measure around the body under the breasts, right where the band of a sports bra lies. This measurement is NOT the same number as a bra band size. (For example, I wear a "32" band size, but my ribcage measurement is 28 inches!)

2. Full bust - measure around the body across the fullest part of the bust while wearing your most supportive everyday bra (not while wearing a sports bra!). Also note that measurements taken while not wearing a bra will not be accurate.

3. You can find video showing how to measure, detailed instructions, and a printable measuring tape on our website