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Size Guide

Tops / Bottoms

Lynx Size Numeric Size
S 4/6
M 8/10
L 12/14
XL 14/16
XXL 16/18

Sports Bras

Calculate Your Lynx Bra Size

Rib Cage Size in Inches (Not band size!):

Full Bust Size in Inches:

Measure Your Lynx Size

There are three different styles of Lynx sports bras: The Sprint, The Dart and the Zoom.

Whats the difference?

The Sprint is for smaller-breasted women.
The Dart is for larger-breasted women.
The Zoom is for even larger breasted women!

Why measure?

Studies have shown that approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!
Please order your LYNX bra based on your RIB CAGE and FULL BUST measurements

How to Take Measurements

How to find your Lynx style and size

Step 1: Find your ribcage measurement

While wearing a regular bra (not a sports bra!), wrap a tape measure around your ribcage in approximately the same place as the band of a sports bra sits. With your arms at your sides, take a deep breath in and then exhale, taking the ribcage measurement when you have completely exhaled. This is your ribcage measurement! Locate your RIB CAGE measurement in on the size chart.

Step 2: Find your Full Bust Size

Wrap the tape measure around your bust at its fullest point. With your arms at your sides, breathe normally and take your full bust measurement. Go back to the size chart and find your RIB CAGE measurement. Then look across for your FULL BUST measurement next to your RIB CAGE size. Next to your FULL BUST measurement is your Lynx size and style!

NOTE: If you measure at the half-inch on your ribcage, you should generally go down. If you measure at the half inch on the full bust, you should size up.

30 B R: 25"-27" FB: 28"-30" 1 SPRINT
30 B/C R: 25"-27" FB: 30"-32" 1 DART
30 D/DD/E R: 25"-27" FB: 32"-36" 1 ZOOM
32 B/C R: 27"-29" FB: 31"-34" 2 SPRINT
32 D/DD/E R: 27"-29" FB: 34"-36" 2 DART
32 DDD+/F/G/H/I R: 27"-29" FB: 36"-38" 2 ZOOM
34 B/C R: 29"-32" FB: 33"-35" 3 SPRINT
34 D/DD/E R: 29"-32" FB: 35"-38" 3 DART
34 DDD+/F/G/H/I R: 29"-32" FB: 39"-43" 3 ZOOM
36 B/C R: 32"-34" FB: 34"-37" 4 SPRINT
36 D/DD/E R: 32"-34" FB: 37"-41" 4 DART
36 DDD+/F/G/H/I R: 32"-34" FB: 41"-45" 4 ZOOM
38 B/C R: 34"-36" FB: 36"-38" 5 SPRINT
38 D/DD/E R: 34"-36" FB: 38"-43" 5 DART
38 DDD+/F/G/H/I R: 34"-36" FB: 43"-47" 5 ZOOM
40 B/C R: 36"-39" FB: 38"-41" 6 SPRINT
40 D/DD/E R: 36"-39" FB: 40"-46" 6 DART
40 DDD+/F/G/H/I R: 36"-39" FB: 45"-50" 6 ZOOM
42 B/C R: 39"-42" FB: 41"-44" 7 SPRINT
42 D/DD/E R: 39"-42" FB: 43"-49" 7 DART
42 DDD+/F/G/H/I/J R: 39"-42" FB: 48"-52" 7 ZOOM
44 DDD+/F/G/H/I/J R: 42"-46" FB: 47"-54" 8 ZOOM

Need a Measuring Tape?
We have a measuring tape you can download, print and assemble.

You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to print the tape measure. If you don't have a copy, click here to get a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

Once you have Acrobat Reader installed, perform the following steps:

1. Get the tape measure by clicking HERE.

2. Save the tape measure file. Use Acrobat Reader to open, view, and print the saved file. When you print make sure you:

Set Page Scaling to "None"
Uncheck "Shrink oversize pages to paper size"
Uncheck "Expand small pages to paper size"

3. Cut out and assemble the tape, and you're ready to measure!