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The Lynx Story

The Birth of a Better Sports Bra

People ask me what inspired me to create the Lynx Sports Bra.

Here's my story...

As a marathon runner and triathlete with DD breasts, I spent lots of time and money trying to find a sports bra that worked. But no matter what I tried, I was always disappointed. My complaints?

1. NOT ENOUGH SUPPORT! I shouldn't have to suffer damage to my breasts in order to be an athlete! I don't want to have breasts that sag to my knees.

2. DIFFICULTY BREATHING! Last time I checked, being an athlete requires breathing. Why is it that all the sports bras I tried made me feel like I was wearing a corset?

3. SHOULDER PAIN! Most sports bras expect my shoulders to support my DD breasts. My shoulders are not too happy about this!

4. TOO HOT! Many sports bras for large breasted women are made of large amounts of thick fabric. These bras make me overheat! I want a bra with lots of mesh, that is cool and wicking.

5. LOOKS LIKE A REGULAR BRA! No woman wants to look like she is running a marathon in her underwear. And I don't want to have to put on an extra layer on a hot day.
6. PAINFUL CHAFING! Need I say more?

7. UGLY! I want to feel beautiful when I'm working hard! When I feel beautiful, I feel strong and powerful.

After years of trying every bra on the market, I came up with an idea that was too crazy to work. I bought an inexpensive sewing machine, got some fabric, and set to work. After I stitched it together, I put the first Lynx sports bra on and immediately jumped up and down in front of a mirror. I was speechless! The thing actually worked! Not only did it work, but it worked better than ANY of my store-bought bras! Just to be sure, I tried on every sports bra I owned and compared it to the Lynx sports bra. Not only did my bra control bounce better than all the others, it was also much more comfortable! No more trouble breathing, no more shoulder pain, no more chafing!

Everywhere I look, I see women like me, women who need a sports bra that meets their needs. Women who are strong, women who are determined. I want to make a LYNX bra for each and every one of them. It is from this desire that LYNX was born. I created LYNX for us!


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