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1. How do I know my style and size?
Lynx Sports Bras have their own sizing to help ensure the proper fit! While most sports bras use an approximate size and don't fit very well, Lynx technology is based on your actual measurements to support you.

There are three different styles of Lynx sports bras: The Sprint, The Dart and the Zoom.

Whats the difference?

The Sprint is for smaller-breasted women.
The Dart is for larger-breasted women.
The Zoom is for even larger breasted women!
You will need to take two measurements to determine your style and size. For information on how to measure and find your Lynx style and size, please CLICK HERE.

2. Does this really work?
Yes! The vast majority of women will not bounce while wearing a properly fitting Lynx Sports Bra.

3. How do I know if this bra is for me?

The Lynx Sports Bra works great for most women. However, we have found that the Lynx Sports Bra may not be the best choice for some women with any of the following characteristics:

1. The difference between your full bust measurement and your ribcage measurement is greater than 13 inches. At this time, the Lynx Sports Bra may not fit you. If this is you, and you are in need of a really great sports bra, please contact us! You could become one of our testers for this size category! Send us an email at with the word "tester" in the subject line.

2. You have breast implants. We have some customers with breast implants that love the Lynx Sports Bra, but some who it just doesn't work for. If this is you, please send an email to with the word "help" in the subject line. With some additional information, we can help you to determine if the Lynx Sports Bra is right for you.
4. How is this different from other sports bras?

The Lynx Sports Bra uses revolutionary patent pending technology to support your breasts from the sides of the bra, not the band or shoulder straps, providing unparalleled comfort and support.
Check out our Bounce Test on YouTube:

5.How do I put this bra on?

The Lynx bra is different because large portions of the bra don't stretch. So when you put on the Lynx bra, you have to reach in and position each breast inside the bra, making sure that the band at the bottom is flat against your ribcage. The back of the band closes with a hook. There are three different "channels" sewn into the band that you can slide the hook into, allowing you to customize the fit.

6. How do I know if the Bra is fitting me correctly?
 A proper fit is really important!  Here's what to look for to know if you have the right fit:
  • The band is flat against your ribcage.
  • Your breasts are fully contained within the bra.
  • You can take a deep breath without restriction.
  • The shoulder straps are comfortable-there's no uncomfortable pressure or pain.
  • You can jump up and down with little or no breast movement.
  • It's ok if the shoulder straps and band are loose, as long as you are getting the support you need. That's because all the support from a Lynx bra comes from the sides of the bra, not the straps or the band.
  • It's also ok if there is extra fabric between the bottom of your breasts and the top of the band. It is completely normal, and not a sign that the bra doesn't fit.
7. Will this bra chafe?
The Lynx Sports Bra significantly reduces the likelihood of chafing by utilizing flat seams and soft fabrics, and by eliminating breast movement. Although no one can guarantee that a sports bra will not chafe, the vast majority of our customers and testers have reported no chafing, even those with a history of chafing problems.

8. How do I wash this bra?
The Lynx Sports Bra is easy to care for. Just toss it in a washing machine in warm or cold water and then tumble dry on a low heat setting.
Have a question not answered here?
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