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I am a huge fan!
My first run in it was 8 miles at 93 degrees and 70% humidity and it worked like a champ! My girls could breathe and no bounce problems! Plus you sent me a sprint bra to try FOR FREE with a postage paid envelope to send back whichever bra I didn't like - what other company does that????? I was so impressed by your service that I will definitely be ordering more merchandise! Bravo!
- Jamie on August 11, 2014

This bra is amazing!!!! Like seriously life changing. I just finished my first ever 26k run and it felt like I wasn't even wearing a bra! (I mean that in a good way!) No chaffing, no digging into me.... just awesome support. I'll be ordering more for sure :)

Thank you once again for all your help!
- Allison on Aug 9, 2011

I looooove it.
I just got my new bra. I looooove it. I can't believe how comfortable it is, yet provides real support. I just finished jumping up and down in the mirror and was truly impressed with how little movement there was . Thank you for your help. Great bra for large-breasted women.
- Tisa on Aug 9, 2014

Perfect Sports Bra
The Lynx is definatly the one to try, for a start you feel safe and secure when you put it on and not constricted like some of the other leading brands for larger busted women. I was very impressed by the size of the straps, the height of the bra, which completely covers your cleavage, in fact I would be happy to run in this bra with no top over the top which really is a first for me....

I decided to wait until 12 noon yesterday when the sun was at its hottest, due to the fact I know how much my implants can swell in the heat and I wanted to get a feel for how much this bra could cope with, if it would hold me in and i would still feel comfortable. I set out on my 10k run and it triumphed over the bras I have, no rubbing or sores or implants bursting over the top, this bra is 100% the one for me. I can honestly say I can't report any downsides, its breathable, comfortable, looks great and washes brilliant… I give the Lynx 5/5 and If you have a bust size C cup to H this is the one for you.

At £45.00 this is a competitive price against the other leading brands I have road tested, and worth every penny, especially if you are serious about your high impact fitness routine.

The great thing about this bra is you have to measure yourself with a tape measure, which is much better than going on cup sizes, as a example silicone swells in the heat I am a G cup, but that can quickly turn into a H cup and bloody inside my bra from rubbing!

The big test for the Lynx is Sunday at the Shrewsbury Half Marathon 2014, I feel confident this bra will knock a minute or two of my time, because I can push it knowing my breasts aren't going to be on display what so ever! I will be recommending this bra to all the ladies that run, do high impact sports and do aqua aerobics… It really is brilliant, I could have found my " Perfect Sports Bra "
- Hannah Sadowska,, on June 20, 2014

My go-to bra
I could tell that a woman(women) who run(s) designed this because the first thing that impressed me was that the elastic was sewn on the outside! I was so excited to see that because it's the exact reason I do NOT buy the other brands everyone raves about. Then I noticed that a number of the seams were sewn so that the smoother side was against the skin. This is how I make the shorts under my skirts! COMFORT FIRST, especially when no one is going to see it! ... the fact that MY BOOBS DIDN'T BOUNCE ... I DON'T have to wear two bras yanking on my shoulders, I'm totally excited!
Longest run I've done in it is only 12 miles, but unless that really high-armpit riding thing gets too annoying, I REALLY see this being my go-to bra (my go-to braS, as I am sure I'll be buying more) for my longer races (50-100miles)! I already recommended it to a number of other bigger busted runner friends.
The fact it is so thin really is HUGE plus!
Keep up the good work!
- Tabitha on Apr 9, 2014

I just got my Lynx (4 Zoom) and tried it on. At first I was really skeptical but then I ran in place and WOW! I am a 34 DDDD and have never been for a real run, ever. If I run at the gym I have always had to hold my breasts with my hands while doing so because the bouncing was so uncomfortable. This is the first sports bra I have ever tried that actually works for large breasts, including multiple combinations of regular and sports bras, ace bandages, etc. I wish I had bought one ages ago. I can't wait to get back to the gym in comfort. THANK YOU for making a product for such an overlooked demographic, you are doing a tremendous service for us busty ladies.
- Anna on February 28, 2014

Finally a sports bra that works!!!
This is the best sports bra ever. I wear a 42 I/J cup and never thought I could find something to work for me. Thank you so much for making a bra that works. I run and had difficulty finding a bra. Even the pricier "designer" bras for large chests were a joke. But this bra works. I am firmly held in place with minimal bounce and no pain. I also breath comfortably and it's easy to get on/off. There's nothing else to say but thank you. You now have a loyal customer and I've told others about you.
- Ashley from Washington DC. on 2/1/2014

Best Sports Bra!
With a bust that is larger than an H (I can't find bras any larger to try to find my true size) I have had a lot of difficulty finding bras of any type. A google search for H+ size sports bras brought me to the website. Sizing was simple with the chart and I was even sent an extra size that I was close to the measurements for so that I could try both to see which fit best! After trying it on and testing it out, I realized that it works so well, my belly bounced more than my breasts! That is some amazing support with a chest this large. Thanks!!
- Kaylee from NC. on 1/25/2014

Positive feedback!
Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for a consistently excellent bra! I wear a size 38D in regular bras. I have unofficially advertised for your product so many times because any time people ask me about a jog bra, I tell them to watch my chest as I run. Then I ask if they saw any bounce and the answer is always "no". Thanks, Lynx!
- Elizabeth on Dec 15, 2013

Chafe free
I happily and chafe free ran the NYC marathon yesterday ( first timer!) with your purple bra on. I met you at the LI Diva expo. I had my three kids and my scars from my long summer training runs and I was so hopeful you had the answer. And you did! The marathon is hard enough. Who needs chafing too!!?! Thank you for making it just a little easier. Life changing!!!
- Karen on Nov 4, 2013

Thank you!
I had hoped to see you at the NYC Marathon Expo yesterday to say thank you in person; your bras have made a HUGE difference in my running. You'll be holding me in for 26.2 miles on Sunday, and I don't think I could do it without my Lynx Bra!!
- Ellen on Nov 1, 2013

After my Lynx, anything else is ridiculous
I'm relatively new to the fitness game, and it's taken me a while to get the proper clothing in order. While I started out wearing ... the familiar double-bra situation: one underwire non-padded with stretchy cups, and over that, the traditional cotton "sports bra". I only started even trying to jog in the last couple years, and one thing I noticed is that it severely threw off my stride to have to adjust my clothing: pants waistband slipping down, shorts legs riding up into the crotch, bra straps slipping off the shoulders or boobs bouncing out of the bra.
It's so, so much better to jog when my stride isn't broken by extraneous arm movements such as pulling up straps (I have also since invested in the proper pants and shirts); and with no bounce, I feel like my energy is conserved better. For once my body is all moving at the same rate! Machine wash and dry is awesome too; if it had to be hand-washed, I might not even have bought it.
Anyway, this is a stellar product; thanks for listening.
- Wendy Oct 11, 2013

FINALLY a great sports bra!
Without a doubt, the best I have owned. You won't be disappointed if you buy this bra and it runs true to size, at least for me. A big thank you!
Caroline from Canada on 9/3/2013

Absolutely love it!!!
Received my zoom 8. Absolutely love it!!! I have fallen in love with this bra and have been recomending it to all my freinds. Thank you so much for making a bra that actually works for big girls. I will be ordering more within a couple months i am sure. Great product :)
Nikki Aug 5, 2013 Canada

Thank you
I have a size 38H bra size. Even after finding out about lane Bryant store I couldn't find a sports bra that gave me real support. I was very excited when I found this site and it has changed my life. I recommend it to everyone and can't wait to buy my next bra from y'all.
- Airel Rogers from Conway on 8/1/2013

I received the 5 Zoom today and the fit is much better and the support is amazing. I was in grade school the last time I had this little bounce in a sports bra. The lack of pressure from the straps and band is astounding. I didn't realize how much my current sports bras hurt; digging into my shoulder muscles and ribs. This bra is amazing and I will be buying more in the future.
- Kara from Seattle on Jul 31, 2013

I ran my first race today in my brand new Lynx. First of all, the staff at Lynx were more helpful than any online merchant has ever been, and I shop online a LOT. They contacted me to suggest that I might prefer a SMALLER size than what I had ordered and they were right. I ran a short race today and had NO chafing, NO slippage and NO bounce whatsoever. I'm sold and will tell my friends. AWESOME product.
- Ellen from New York on 4/21/2013

Great bra
I went to the More 1/2 Expo in NYC 04/12, with the intention to buy just one thing, on a really tight budget. I past the Lynx counter twice and stopped to get fitted. I was sold. Wore my Lynx today at a boot camp training and was amazed at how comfortable it felt. The support was amazing, dare I say it my workout more comfortable, ok I will. This bra is a must have. Thanks ladies
- Susan from New York on 4/13/13

Best sports bra I've ever found and my horse appreciates it too
I've never had a sports bra that supported this well. The Zoom is comfortable, lightweight, doesn't chafe, doesn't dig into the shoulder, doesn't squeeze enough to make my nipples sore or to prevent me from breathing, and is machine-washable and can go in the dryer (although so far I've hung mine to dry; habit, I guess). I measured myself and ordered a size 6 but I also put my measurements in the field on the order form. Lynx customer service emailed me to ask if they could put a size 5 in the package too, based on my measurements, and a pre-paid envelope to return the one I don't want. Turns out the size 5 fits better than the 6. (My ribcage is 36'', bust is 46''). In the Zoom, I was able to jog up to the barn. I was able to wear the bra all day, not just while upright and being active, but also having my snack afterward and reading for a while. Usually I have to take my sports bra off the minute I walk inside. My horse appreciates the new bra too. I have always had trouble with posting the trot because as my body is going up my boobs are going down and vice versa. My first ride in the Zoom, I had more grace and harmony than I've ever had at the trot (even back when I was last taking lessons, 20 years ago!). My horse was more comfortable and balanced because I was. One note: When I first put the hook through the loop in the back, the hook pushed through the fibers of the elastic instead of going all the way through the loop. It doesn't punch a hole in the loop but I think it would widen a hole between the fibers if you did this too often. Just carefully undo and then carefully fasten correctly. One could put a bit of fabric tape over the loop to make it easier, but I found that going slower solved it. I've had bras from Enell, Panache, Shock Absorber, and other brands and the Zoom is the first one that provides real support. That it is also comfortable is amazing!
- Regina from California on 2/26/2013

Best Sports Bra I Have Ever Owned
I am a 42 FF , finding a sports bra that fits is a task. But finding one that fits so well is amazing. I wish you would make everyday bras, I never seem to take my Zoom off! For the first time since puberty can I properly exercise without my chest hurting. I owe a lot of my weight loss to Lynx Sportswear! I now have to buy a size down haha. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel comfortable while working out or even doing chores around the house. It’s that comfy!
- TK from Missouri on 1/24/2013

Perfect for Busty Gals!
Recently I began to do pop pilates which has jumping moves, and with an H cup, I was bouncing all over the place, even while wearing 2 or more bras. I found out about the Lynx sports bra thought bustygirl comics, and decided it was worth a try. I bought the Zoom sports bra and its amazing! No underwire to dig into me, and no bouncing bosom! I even ran with it on and the girls didn't move! Thank you for making such a wonderful bra! I will definitely get another one soon!
- Amber from Oregon, USA. on 10/10/2012

Best Sports Bra Ever!
My bra size is a DDD, so finding a good sports bra is very difficult (but very important!). However, I'm happy to report that the Lynx sports bra works like a dream! I did a cardio workout yesterday (1 hour), and went jogging today (30 minutes) while wearing the Lynx sports bra. It gave me wonderful support, and was very comfortable. I think there must be some sort of anti-gravity mechanism in it--I don't see how a bra with such lightweight fabric and no under-wire could work so well.
- Laura from North Carolina on 10/3/2012

Look forward to buying more
I am a huge fan and swear by my Lynx bra. It has been the best bra I have ever invested in. Great job and thank you...
- Veronica on 9/6/2012

I have a new Lynx bosom buddy!!!!
I just wanted to say thank you for the fast and efficient service, as well as the wonderful quality of your sports bra. I am 26 y/o with 38H breasts and enjoy working out but typically have to wear 3 sports bras plus a supportive tank in order to work out, and I'm still bouncing like crazy and literally holding my arms across my chest as I try to job or do jumping jacks. I do activities such as jogging, dance, kick boxing and boot camp-esque workouts. I received the Lynx Dart on 9/4. Cynthia had wrote a message on my order form, which was a very nice personal touch! And despite being insanely tired from a very long work weekend (I'm a nurse and work 3- 12 to 14 hr shifts, sometimes all back to back), I got up after a short nap and was so excited to give it a try in my cardio dance class. Success!!!!!!! This is the first time I have been able to wear 1 sports bra since the age of 10! Thank you so much, I know now I can further reach health and fitness goals with the help of my new bosom friend! I will be recommending this product to co-workers, family and friends; and order more of your products in the future! Keep up the great work!!!!
- Samantha on 9/5/2012

THANK YOU so much for making my effort (July 14th) possible. something like that was NEVER an option for me. I never even attempted running until Lynx. Now at age 40 I am about to do my first ever event, and a pretty tough one at that.
- Laura on 7/4/2012

It really works!
I used to be a two bra runner. Now with the anit-bounce bra I only need one! They are awesome, can put on by myself, washes well, anti-chaffing! The cost is well worth it!
- Julie from Fort Wayne, Indiana on 6/18/2012

I purchased my first Lynx sportsbar at the More 1/2 Marathoin expo in NYC. And I LOVE IT! No bounce! So comfy! And it doesn't DIG IN! THANK YOU!
- Laurie from N.Y. on 4/30/2012

I bought a 4D at the More Half Marathon expo in NYC. As a 46 year old woman, my girls aren't as, shall we say, "self-reliant" as they used to be and I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a sports bra that will let me breathe and support me without leaving bloody welts on my chest and back. The best thing I can say about the Lynx bra is that I completely forgot about it during and after the race. No pain, all gain!
- Alyssa on 4/16/2012

Love this bra!
I was fitted for my first Lynx at a running expo for the More/Fitness Half Marathon. When I wore the dart bra at the race the next day, it was so comfortable that I completely forgot I was wearing a 'sports bra'. It held the girls firmly in place and didn't constrict my breathing in the least. THANK YOU, Cynthia!
- Patti on 4/16/2012

I love my Lynx bra tank
I love my Lynx bra tank that I got at Disney Expo. I think I'll be living in it most of this race season. Perfect in Florida heat.... it's so comfortable!
- Elise on 3/25/2012

Ultimate Frisbee
Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I love my Lynx bra. It's hands down the best sports bra I've ever owned. It keeps me playing Ultimate Frisbee even when I'm PMS-y and super "tender".

Thank you!
- Lillian on 3/16/2012

The Lynx is truly amazing
I was talking about it to another girl in a gym class about it and how fantastic it is ... and the girl couldn't believe I was even more amply-chested than she, just because the Lynx was so super-supportive and compressing in all the right ways. It's like I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter, except more of "I can't believe this is still my chest" when i put it on -- it's revolutionary! I look far, far slimmer, which is very encouraging when I go to the gym.

Thanks again for making such a great product!
- Rachel on 3/9/2012

Jumping Jacks
I received my bra a couple of days ago. Want to say thanks for super fast shipping!!

I love the color, and the soft material. What a plus. I also love the fact that I don't feel like my lungs are being crushed. Another big plus.... It did minimize the bounce incredibly. I did try the bounciest thing I know, jumping jacks, and for the first time in 10+ years, I could do them without pain.
- Carolyn on 3/6/2012

This is the best sports bra!
I had to come over and write a review, as this bra is well worth it. After being a B cup all my life and barely ever even wearing a bra, after pregnancy and now with breastfeeding I am F/G cup at the moment.I run and spin and am very active, so I really needed some support and this bra is the only one that provides that. I am VERY pleased and it was well worth the price I paid. I have recommended it to all my friends and I doubt I will ever buy any other as long as my cup stays this size.
- Aleksandra from Ottawa, Canada on 3/1/2012

Wow, thank you!
I received my bra yesterday. My husband laughed as I hurriedly put it on and started doing jumping jacks. Oh my Goodness! Thank you so very much. I may finally be able to do alot of those exercises I had banned do to the discomfort. No more excuses. Thank you!!!!!!
- Jane on 2/28/2012

I love this bra!
I bought this bra at the expo for the Disney World Marathon. It is the best bra I have ever found!!! I am very self conscious of bouncing when I run but this bra was so comfortable and reduced it so I was virtually bounce-free! Thank you so much for developing this bra. I will never buy another brand again.
- Jane from United States on 1/28/2012

The BEST sports bra EVER!
I ran the entire half marathon at Disney World and did NOT move! It was so comfortable, that I wore the other one that I bought the next day at the Magic Kingdom as well!
Thank you so much!!
-Dusty on 1/21/2012

Just got my order
I was surprised at how comfortable this bra was with the support it offered. definitely a keeper.
-Beth on 10/18/2011

LOVE at first run!!
My Lynx bras arrived yesterday & I immediately took one for a test drive. I purchased 2 because I wanted to try 2 different sizes. I was feeling like it should have been tighter, more uncomfortable in order to provide proper support (because that's what every other bra feels like). Unbelievably, no bounce, no pinching. I especially loved how breathable it is! Can't wait to recommend this to all my running friends!!

Thank you and congratulations on an amazing product!!
I hope to see Lynx in some local running stores!
- Shanonn from NJ on 9/28/2011

I am a 36D, and in over 30 years of jogging have tried all kinds of sports bras by many different manufacturers. Until now, I have always had to wear 2 underwear sports bras while jogging. I am amazed that finally I have found a bra without underwires that is comfortable and actually controls bounce. This bra is amazing!
- Linda from Virginia Beach, VA. on 8/31/2011

I finally found a sports bra I can Zumba in! Zumba requires flexibility and bounce-control, both. Not an easy combination to find in large-busted sports bras!!

I also was struggling with hyperventilating while exercising, which was worse with my constricting sports bra. Couldn't move my shoulders or upper back, either. And I like that my sports bra looks like the "normal" smaller-busted women's sports bra in my exercise class, and not like my granny's 5-hook ugly rib-crusher.

Thank you for designing sports bras for us women. The support coming from the sides is key. The mesh panels are perfect.
-Kristen from Michigan on 8/30/2011

The bras arrived today, and I tried them on as soon as I got out of work- IT ROCKS!!!! I just got back from my run, and I CRUSHED IT!!! Not having all that movement on top, I cut almost 3 minutes off of my 3 mile time, which is incredible!!! Thanks soooooooo much! .... they are priceless!!
- Lois from NH on 5/24/2011
This bra is a lifesaver...
Thank you thank you thank you. I saw your booth at Disney in January. Didn't have time to try on but left very intrigued. Went home and ordered. This bra is a lifesaver....I bought it for working out at the gym....but as a result of the incredible fit - I finally felt able to run for the first time ever. I never have to worry about "bounce" issues anymore...and ran my first 5K this spring.Truly the only sports bra I recommend to friends and the only one I wear.
- Jennifer from Florida on 5/25/2011

Finally.. 3 years.. 4 Sports Bras Later
I have found my Holy Grail Sports Bra! I am at 400DDD and it is near impossible to find the perfect fit in a department store, so I have had to improvise for years. I have had to wear a sports bra with a regular bra. I tried two regular bras. I even had an ENELL, which was good and not so pretty, but the hooks rusted quickly which left me with 4 hooks and refusing to go back to two regular bras. I placed my order on Friday and it arrived on Monday to my pleasant surprise. On the first go, I liked it but it seemed there was much too much movement. I sent an e-mail that night and got a response from Cynthia within minutes. We discussed sizes and I sent my pic for her to review. She had a recommendation and sent another one out with no questions. I am simply impressed with the care and concern for MY TWO BREAST in my quest for fitness, comfort and style.
- Shecara from Texas on 2/22/2011
Compliments on your great product!
I finally got a chance to run in my new Lynx sports bra. Wow, all I can say you did it!! When I first tried it on at the Disney Marathon and started jumping up and down, I thought it would work, but now I KNOW it does!! Whoo Hoo!!! Great job!!
- Mary Ellen R. 2/8/2011

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
You have made the sport I already love, so much more enjoyable! I run on my school track without being self conscious of "my bounce". I used to only run on back roads where no one would see me... I'm so glad that I found your brand! You've changed my athletic life!
- Laura from New Jersey 1/29/2011
I seriously love this bra.
I broke the "don't try anything new on race day" rule for the Disney Marathon and I'm glad I did. I've never had such "firm" support from a bra!
- Becky from Florida on 1/19/2011

Best sports bra ever!!
"I bought your bra at the Disney Marathon expo. One word sums it up - WOW!! Thankyou . P.S. Was I the only woman that came out of the dressing room with my regular bra on too ? LOL no more double bras !!"
- Yvonne from New York on 1/19/2011

Thank you!
"I was handed a brochure at the WDW Half Marathon Expo last Friday night and immediately turned into your booth. You see, 10 days prior, I had surgery on my left breast and would be running the next morning with a 4cm healing scar. I hadn't even run ONCE since the surgery because it hurt so much the first time I tried! I was planning on simply walking this race I trained so hard to run. But I was convince to try your Lynx bra and bought one. Simply put - I ran every step of the race!! I keep telling my friends that "my girls" never even knew they ran that morning!! Thank you so much!! "
- Heather from Georgia on 1/16/2011
I absolutely LOVE the tank!
"I absolutely LOVE the tank! I discovered your product at the Disney Expo, and wore the tank for the half marathon and the sports bra for the full marathon (I may be slow but I can go forever!) NO chafing, NO bouncing, NO problem!!!! Thank you for such a great product! Bless you! "
- Jen from Connecticut on 1/16/2011

Superior in Comfort
"I'm sure you know this, but Title 9 sports puts out a sports bra catalog. I have tried many of the their top recommendations and yours is hands down superior to them in comfort and support and simplicity. Thanks for such a great product"
- Karen from Alaska on 1/20/2011

Excellent support
" I have worn several sports bras and have chaffed in every one I've worn even with the assistance of anti chaff products. I bought this bra at a race expo after trying it on. I then wore it during my very first marathon and not only did I get excellent support (little to no movement) I also had absolutely no chaffing! Even after 26.2 miles! This bra is worth it's weight in gold. I'm hooked! "
- Michelle from Iowa on 1/13/2011

Wonderful support
"I'm a 36 DDD, and like everyone else, I hate bouncing and I hate how my shoulders hurt from the straps on most other sports bras. Bought one of these on Thursday at the Expo and wore it for the WDW Half on Saturday. Truly, I never gave my breasts a second thought. It was really comfortable, no chaffing, no bounce. I'll be getting another one soon."
- Lynda from San Francisco on 1/11/2011

I never want to ....
"Be without this! Im a 16 year old girl who is very active with field hockey and softball year round. So to keep my DD's from bouncing while running from baseline to baseline or sliding head first into home plate, i would wear two sports bras. Obviously being a teenager I am very self conscious about everything and i actually changed the way i run to compensate for being large chested. However getting this bra and wearing it for the first time one of my friends said to me "where'd they go?" and i made sure to show everyone on my team (even my male coach) how i didn't bounce anymore! This has honestly given me so much more self confidence and im no longer in pain after a rough workout, not to mention i have never gotten a rash like i have before with other bras. Long story short; big chested or small you will love this bra. I never want to.. take this off :) "
- Emily from Lehighton PA on 1/5/2011

Amazing Support
"I've had large breasts from an early age, and the discomfort of bounce during athletics has long been a problem for me. After many years of disappointing sportsbras, I gave the Lynx a try. I was highly impressed with the way it held my breasts up without squeezing or cutting into my ribs and shoulders. It fits so naturally, I barely feel it, and yet it eliminates all bouncing. I can finally exercise in comfort! "
-Pam from NJ on 1/4/2011