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With the proper support,
anything is possible.

Lynx Sports Bras and Support Tanks were developed for large-breasted women by a female athlete. Women's choices should not be dictated by the size of their breasts. No woman should have to choose between comfort and support. If you are you a C cup, D cup, DD cup, E cup, F cup, G cup, H cup, I cup or J cup, then Lynx sports bra is for you!

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Find the right fit

Take your measurements

Find your rib cage and full bust measurements. Use our size guide to match those to a Lynx bra size.

Try a few sizes

Unsure of your size? We want you to find the right fit, so try on up to two additional sizes at no extra charge. Just send back the ones that don't fit within 10 business days!

Meet your new best friends

Congrats! Take your Lynx sports bra out for a jog, dance around, do jumping jacks. Anything is possible!

Revolutionary Support

how Lynx products work

Supports breasts from the side, not the straps or band, for unparalleled comfort & support.


Our Dynamic Flex Construction™ gives you the freedom to breathe & move with out restriction.

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Lynx customer love

Amazing Support

I've had large breasts from an early age, and the discomfort of bounce during athletics has long been a problem for me. After many years of disappointing sportsbras, I gave the Lynx a try. I was highly impressed with the way it held my breasts up without squeezing or cutting into my ribs and shoulders. It fits so naturally, I barely feel it, and yet it eliminates all bouncing. I can finally exercise in comfort!

- Pam from NJ

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